Access all information about your USB-connected devices


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Temple is a handy tool to provide all relevant information about the various USB devices you have connected to a single computer, allowing you to both detect and update your drivers.

Among other things, this program will display specific information about each device and the protocols they support, plus the serial number, manufacturer, transfer rate (if it's a hard drive or a removable drive), and even the driver installed.

The program constantly updates the changes to the devices so you can always know if there is some kind of disconnection when you're using a specific USB. Each one will be highlighted in bold by name, after which you will see a generic description, the manufacturer name, the version used, power information, and other data of interest.

Temple is a good application to find out if a USB port doesn't work, since the detection of a new device is automatic. The program also includes a feature for saving data with which you can create a text file recording everything related to the devices connected to each USB at the time of saving.